[VHFcontesting] TS430S transverter cable

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 8 12:55:36 EST 2018

Hi gang, Still cleaning up. Here's something I don't need any more. It's an transverter interconnect cable for a Kenwood TS430S. I would probably fit a a couple other kenwood rigs of that vintage but I'm not sure. The whole thing is 4 ft long. One end is a 8 pin DIN connector, there are two 4ft RG178/U cables with male BNC connectors, marked TX IF and RX IF, and one 4ft grey cable with a male RCA plug marked PTT. Seems like it could come in handy for some one. As I remember, plugging the DIN connector into the rig disables the finals. the output, from a TS430 at any rate, was 10-20mW. PTT is GND on TX.

$10 plus ship (which would be US mail first class package.. probably 3 bucks.. ) PayPal preferred..

bill, K1DY

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