[VHFcontesting] Jan Contest Plans: FN00RG KM4KMU FM (SSB capable)

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Oh My Goodness!!!!!

I am so use to working deep inside the National Radio Quiet Zone where there is No cell, very limited text and zero internet I completely forgot to consider it.  Cell, text, DX maps, Hepburn predictions are all available!!!!  THANK YOU.

Cell number is 703 678 6795.  Text is probably best as I can reply as soon as I put the mike down but feel free to call.  

I will be setting up Friday late afternoon and will be on the air testing Friday night and Saturday morning. I will be bouncing between calling CQ on 146.520 simplex and working 2M FM repeaters at long range (for FM) around the compass to see if my terrain and propagation predictions are good.  

Holy Cow I am going to have internet from the resorts Wi-Fi!!!    This opens up a whole world!!!

Thank you, thank you.


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HELLO JOHN, Do you have a way to contact you when at the location?

> KM4KMU  FM Category (SSB capable)
> Blue Knob FN00RG
> 3150 feet ASL
> I expect to be on the air for the full contest except for a 4-5 hr break 
> late Saturday night/Sunday morning.
> 100W & Beams on all 4 lower bands (FM & SSB)
> Freqs:
> 6M FM         52.525 MHz   (QSY)
> 2M FM       146.520 MHz (calling CQ & monitoring, 146.535 if 146.520 is 
> busy)
> 1.25M FM  223.500 MHz (monitoring full time, second radio)
> 70cm  FM  446.000 MHz  (QSY)
> 6M, 2M & 70cm SSB capable (QSY from 2M FM, you give me the freq)
> After an initial FM Q I will be happy to QSY to SSB freqs (6M, 2M, 70cm) 
> to provide you with points on bands where an FM Q is not possible.  I will 
> have my beams set at 45 degrees to work both FM & SSB with a little bit of 
> loss.   Hopefully I will be the only person doing that so we dont get 
> orthogonal.
> Based on previous results and FN00RG's lower altitude, my expected 2M & 
> 1.25M FM ranges are 120-140 miles for omni's (~3dBi) & 200 miles for beams 
> ~10dBi).
> FN00RG has a generally clear line of sight W, NW, NE, E, SE to 200mi +
> Grids that I should be able to work.
> Full Grids:  FN00, EN90, EN91, FN00, FN10, FN11,  FM19, FM18.
> Western FN21
> Central & Western FN20 & FM29
> Southern FN12 & FN02, FN02 cant be in a valley
> FM09 & FM08 may need to be on a ridge line.
> Eastern EM99 (cant be in a valley)
> Cities I expect to reach
> Winchester VA
> Pittsburgh PA
> Cleveland Ohio
> Erie PA
> Elmira & Binghamton NY
> Allentown PA
> Philadelphia PA
> Baltimore MD
> Washington DC (Gaithersburg, Leesburg, DC proper etc)
> Possible but very difficult:
> NYC: no obstacles but its just under the horizon & at extreme range, 240mi 
> with no ridges to diffract off of.
> Columbus Ohio:  no obstacles but its just under the horizon & at extreme 
> range, 235mi but with a nice ridge 26 mi from me to diffract off of.
> Rochester NY (shadowed by a ridge so a weak diffracted signal is likely)
> Buffalo NY (shadowed by a ridge so a weak diffracted signal is likely)
> Good Luck to all, at least the east coast weather is looking good for 
> comfort if not for propagation.
> 73
> John
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