[VHFcontesting] K7XC is QRV for the January VHF QSO Party from DM09jh N NV

K7XC Tim Marek k7xcnv1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 18:02:14 EST 2018

Hey Folks, Happy New Year from Northern Nevada!

Here's to Making 2018 a better year on VHF+ Contesting / DXing.

To that end personally, I am resurrecting the 16ele 2M yagi instead of
& digging the entire 432 MHz station out of Mothballs starting w/ it's 22ele
yagi. With a bit of effort, both antennas should be operational by tomorrow

I have a working 200W solid state pallet amp mostly ready for 432 MHz but
need to go thru it as its been sitting gathering dust bunnies since trying
contact Arecibo years ago.

I have a pair of 400W Solid State pallet amps to combine into a
800W 6M amp but for this coming weekend I hope to have one of them going
in time to be QRO (400W).

The 6ele 6M yagi is in place ready to roll so that's a plus.

So when ready the station will consist of:

6M- IC-746 100W, (with or w/o the amp) & a 6ele DK7ZB yagi at 22'.
2M- IC-746, 100W, & a salvaged 16ele KLM yagi at  23.5'.
432- IC-706mkIIg, 50W (Possible 200W amp), & 22ele K1FO yagi at 25'.

No 222 yet but someday, maybe a Russian xvtr will come home to roost to
be mated to a 200W pallet amp that's here waiting.

QRV on the following Frequencies / Modes...

50.100 CW,  50.125+/- CW/SSB,  50.260 MSK441,  50.313 FT8.  52.525 FM

144.140 MSK441,  144.174 FT8,   144.200+/- CW/SSB, 144.360  146.520 FM

432.100+/- CW/SSB,   432.500 FT8    446.000 FM

The home QTH is DM09jh, on the 4000' valley floor in Silver Springs, NV.

Since we can use websites, email, and APRS legally these days I plan to be
fully connected to the relevant websites during the entire event. See Below

The Cali VHF - UHF Page - http://www.n6sjv.org/
The ON4KST region 2 6M Chat Page -
Ping Jockey central - http://www.pingjockey.net/cgi-bin/pingtalk
The DX Maps Page - http://www.dxmaps.com/spots/map.php

There must be more websites to announce your operation and solicit skeds
but those are the busiest in the West Coast USA that I know of.

Finally... SKEDS SKEDS SKEDS!!! Contact me in a couple days if your
within CA, AZ, UT, ID, OR, WA, VE7, VE6, MT, WY, or NM to set up
Schedules on the various bands / modes. MSK and FT8 skeds encouraged!

See you in the pileups!

73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk

Adapt, Overcome, Succeed!!

PS: This contest will be done in memory of Dave - KA7VLL, My friend of 41
who recently became a silent key after succumbing to the multiple
of Diabetes. If you don't know your blood sugar levels, please get tested
to see
if you too need to make adjustments to your life in order to save it. Thank

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