[VHFcontesting] K1SIG/R SUCCESS

Sean Waite waisean at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 01:32:03 EST 2018

It's after 1am and I just got home, so a quick note with a full update

14 grids activated, nearly 900 miles of driving. A HUGE thank you to all of
the stations that worked us, particularly the ones that stayed with us when
all seemed hopeless. We paper logged, so it'll take us a bit to get it all
statted up but I think we've got about 63 mults over the course of the
weekend. The NW corner of our route was pretty rough, apparently no one
lives in FN22,23,33....we're still hoping for a score of between 15 and 20k
in the Unlimited Rover category. We were a little worried when we were 2
hours behind schedule and still in NJ when we stopped for the night
Saturday, but we were able to make it up and complete our plan on Sunday.

Some highlights:
-My milk-crate microwave box worked REALLY well. We somehow managed FN30
from FN31, when I was expecting it to about make it the 1km required by
rules. Big thanks to the stations doing the heavy lifting.
-PVC and zip tie mast survived! Amazingly, so did the $1.50 Walmart stick
on reflectors I jammed on there somewhere in Connecticut.
-Thanks to the nice police lady for not fining me even after I had an AWOL
registration when she pulled us over for a dead headlight
-When speaking with WB2VVV on 2m FM, his comment of "You're really strong"
and our reply of "well, we better be, we're in your driveway" Thanks for
the tour of your shack, Chris, and all 6 bands! Good stuff.
-Catching a VE3 in FN03 on what was probably E's. Short opening, and I also
heard but couldn't work a VO1 in GM29.
-Really, just the fact we made all 14 grids. Hopefully FN10 works out, we
had one contact while there as it was a bit of a slog in that area. A
fairly short stop in a grid at lunch probably wasn't the best plan.

I'm sure there'll be more later, but for now I need to sleep.

A big thanks again from the K1SIG/R Team (WA1TE, KG6CIH and Sarah) for
making it a good one.

Sean Waite, WA1TE

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