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Mon Jan 22 11:09:52 EST 2018

a couple things, first of all FT-8 does tune a few kHz so not sure a crystal controlled rig is the answer (I realize Herb was just joking,.. hah).. 2nd I agree that we are dangerously close to being able to click a button on the computer and then come back at the end of the contest to see how we scored.. Not MY idea of a great time.. BUT it is amazing technology and I'm sure people grumbled when SSB replaced AM in the vhf contests.. Having a hard time wrapping my brain around all this..

bill, k1DY

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On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 9:30 AM, Steve (K1IIG) <stephen.tripp at snet.net> wrote:
>  AMEN on that. But if you can't beatem, joinem.

OK, I clued in.  FT-8 et al.  Fine modes.  Excellent technology.

Smells like cheating.

At the very least, the QSOs should count for less.  :-)

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