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OK, we've pretty much established through the discussions here that there is
a problem/conflict between the traditional modes and the digital ones. Is
there a way to resolve this to everyone's mutual dis-satisfaction via rules
change or Gentleman's agreement, or possibly just simple common sense? 

I don't have any concrete suggestions at this point except that we have a
peaceful conversation about it. Let's leave the adolescent bickering to
those fine folks in DC who we pay to behave like that.

One vague idea I have is to have specified time periods during the contests
just for digital modes which include both daylight and nighttime periods.
Lots to ponder about this which is why it is proposed only as a general
concept which might be able to be made into something acceptable to most of

Tom Holmes, N8ZM

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I would suggest running these new modes (ie. MSK144, FT8 etc) can be
reasonably challenging (especially in a roving / portable setting.) 

Mark S

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> On Jan 22, 2018, at 10:02 AM, Peter Laws <plaws0 at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> ...or they should count for MORE because they take so bloody long to
>> When the band is open well, I can make 4-5 QSOs per minute on SSB.  The
>> absolute MINIMUM time for a FT8 QSO is 45 seconds and, in reality, it
> You clearly missed the DXMap site over the weekend - there was a VE6
> making FT8 QSOs on 2m throughout the western US.  It may take a long
> time (like communicating with submerged subs) but that's how and why
> it works.
> If we're going to do distance scoring like in the 222 and Up, we need
> to somehow adjust for mode else everyone will just use the latest mode
> from the Nobel laureate.
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