[VHFcontesting] Thoughts on the Digital Modes and VHF Contesting

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Tue Jan 23 17:47:41 EST 2018

On Jan 23, 2018 2:36 PM, "Keith Morehouse" <w9rm at calmesapartners.com> wrote:

> Mark VE7AFZ wrote:
> I do understand that other rovers have run WSJT-x (with FT8 and other
> modes) and may or may not share my views re this.  I also understand that
> there are numerous advantages to using modes such as FT8 and MSK144.
> *******************************
> I see posts lumping these two modes together.  Mark just offered this
> opportunity to make MY position clear on this.
> MSK144 used as a meteor scatter mode has replaced FSK441, which 15 years
> ago, pretty much obsoleted CW & SSB meteor scatter runs for the simple fact
> that it was many times more efficient (remember my last post concerning
> efficiency building score).  Today, more and more operators are
> "discovering" digital meteor scatter since MSK144 has been included with
> the WSJT-X program from it's inception (almost).  But, the use of
> "JT-modes" on meteor scatter is not a new thing.  It's been around and
> adding to overall VHF contest scores as long as JT65 has existed (and, in
> turn, increasing EME efficiency, like it or not).
> FT8 is the potential problem child of VHF contests and can be a
> efficiency killer if not used wisely.  Yes, as KK6MC pointed out, it can
> attract new operators to VHF, but it shouldn't be at the cost of pushing
> the 'art' of contesting backwards.  Keep in mind this conversation is
> happening on a VHF CONTESTING reflector, not on a general purpose VHF
> reflector.  I would assume anyone subscribed to this mail list is
> interested in the contesting aspect of VHF and ways to increase their
> scores, just like the HF contesting mail list.
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