[VHFcontesting] KM4KMU FM Category Results

nosigma at aol.com nosigma at aol.com
Tue Jan 23 23:28:47 EST 2018

ARRL January VHF Contest
Call: KM4KMU
Class: Single Op LP FM Only
Location:  FN00RG  Blue Knob Ski Resort
Operating Time (hrs): 8.5

Summary:  FM
Band     QSOs    Pts     Mults
6:    FM     1           1     1
2:     FM     34         34     8
222: FM     3          6     3
432:FM   10      20    3
               48      61  15             
Total Score = 915

I included the SSB contacts below just for fun, I compete in FM Only.

Summary: SSB (PH)
Band   QSOs           Pts     Mults
6:         PH    3            3        2
2:         PH    7            7        5
432:    PH    3            6        3
                    13          16     10

Score = 160

Best FM distance:   2M 194 miles  to W4JST in FM17
Best SSB distance: 2M 193.5 miles to WB2RVX in FM29

Personal Analysis:
I did not make a single grid (FM or SSB) that I could not hit on FM from my normal location in FM08 130 miles further south.  I had it in my head that I was going to reach a lot of grids I had never gotten to before and totally failing at that really set met back.  Looking at the numbers I wasn't doing great but it wasn't nearly as bad as it felt at the time either.  The fact that I had only run the bands on FM in one grid and had a very low number of 223.5 FM contacts compared to what I normally get really screwed with my head. After only being able to make 2 or 3 of the 20+ Q's that my "off frequency controller" WB3CEH had lined up I lost it and threw in the towel.  If I had stuck with it I probably could have gotten a score of between 2500 and 3000.  Not a winning score but probably good enough for a 3rd or 4th in FM.  I forgot it was fun and was too focused on beating my personal best and accomplishing the goals I had set for myself.

Lesson learned.  It was a pretty darn good contest after all.


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