[VHFcontesting] Time for a Portable rig upgrade

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Wed Jan 24 09:00:15 EST 2018

I use an FT991A.  It's my first radio other than mobile dual bands so not a lot of comparative experience.

The waterfall is a joy.  Whether spotting stations when doing S&P or tuning around my local FM jammer clown I find it indispensable.

The menu driven amp and filter contols are easy to use and work well,  some are HF only but most work on ssb 2m & 70cm.

You can program a group of software defined buttons on the touchscreen for quick access to your most needed contols which are then adjusted by a dedicated knob on the front panel.  The setting is displayed as a horizontal bar on the display above the waterfall. Easy to read.

I keep a note card on the wall with my favorite software contol line numbers on it.  To access them you push one button and the display shows about 10 of them on the display.  You scroll through using a knob to the one you want, they are all numbered 1 through 120, push select, adjust the selected function with the same knob push the software generated done button and your back to the waterfall.  It's quick and the rx still fuctions while you make the adjustment so you can tune it to your liking in one shot.

Compared to the FT8800 and 8900 (my only references) the reciever is great.  I can run with no squelch on FM and dig weak, distant calls and grids out of the fluttering noise.  SSB RX seems very good and compares nicely if not better to the Kenwood I use with W4IY in June.  Very limited experience for that comparision.

There are a ton of filter settings I have not spent much time with so no competent assesment there.

It has a 6m and vhf/uhf pl259's on the back.  Wish it had the N's.  I run a diplexer to split out 70cm from 2m to keep things simple.

The N1MM set up was easy.  You do have to download a special USB driver from the Yeasu site but thats simple enough.

I have not looked at tranverter set up.

I enjoy doing HF with it between contests.

Its not heavy, it is compact and is intended for both mobile and base use so I assume its reasonably rugged.  Mine gets jostled off road quit a bit and its been perfectly reliable in the year I have had it.  No heat problems.  The connectors on the back are stout and either seat tightly or positively lock so I dont worry about vibration loosening them.

Hopefully you can find one locally to spend some time with.

I am very happy but I am also inexperienced.


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My old Yaesu FT897D is getting long in the tooth.  It's developing some issues that have me doing research on newer "DC to Daylight" rigs.  (Display is slowly dying, FM squelch no longer works...) Right now the front runners are the Icom 7000, the Icom 7100, and the Yaesu FT991A.   Currently, I'm leaning toward the 991a. Anyone care to share their experience and opinions? My use will be almost exclusively Rover and Field Day type portable use. Thanks,Dan -- K9ZF  Vice President, Clark County Amateur Radio Club,Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Clark County Indiana. EM78el The once and future K9ZF /R no budget Rover  ***QRP-l #1269 Check out the Rover Resource Page at:  List Administrator for: InHam+grid-loc+ham-books  Ask me how to join the Indiana Ham Mailing list! _______________________________________________ VHFcontesting mailing list VHFcontesting at contesting.com http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/vhfcontesting

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