[VHFcontesting] Time for a Portable rig upgrade

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Wed Jan 24 13:01:34 EST 2018

For 50 MHz I've enjoyed using my IC7300 while roving.   The band scope is nice and only covering one VHF band isn't that much of a issue for me.  (I find having a radio on 50 MHz all the time helps capitalize of brief band openings.)

I looked at the K3 and the Kenwood TS590sg but felt the IC7300 with the built in band scope was a better fit for my needs.

I am also curious about the FT991 as I'm starting to think about refreshing my 144 and 432 MHz roving radios.  I typically use a pair of Icom 706MkiiG's while roving. The remote control heads are a nice feature in my view.   I've tried a few other radios over the years but keep going back to the Icom 706MkiiG's for the rover.   Still at some point I expect I will need to upgrade.  Although I run a transverter on 222 in the rover I'd prefer to use pre packaged radios for 144 and 432 MHz.


Mark S

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> On Jan 24, 2018, at 9:39 AM, Terry Signature <terry at directivesystems.com> wrote:
> In the K8GP/R super rover, Andy and I use K3's. We have a nice operating desk and we use an Arduino controller to monitor both K3's for band data to switch transverters and ensure we don't blow something up! The K3 would be my first choice but then you need a bank of transverters and switching.
> As an alternative, I got a IC9100 with the 1296 module in it. That give me 6 and 2 at 100w and 432 at 75w, enough that running an amp isn't necessary. For 222 and 902, I used another Arduino with software Andy wrote that watches the CI/V port on the IC9100. When I go to 26 or 27 MHz, the 222 transverter connected to Ant1 is select (my IF comes out 26=222 which also gives 223.5=27.5). When I go to 28 or 29 MHz, Ant 2 is select and it goes to a DEMI 902 transverter (28=902 and 29=903). The Arduino shield I designed has 20 turn pots for setting the ALC voltage to limit the power on these bands to drive the transverters properly. So with one radio and two transverters you cover the bottom 6 VHF bands. Yes, it's a bit more expensive but FT991A's are still new and I paid not much for the for IC9100 with 1296!
> Terry - W8ZN
>> On 2018-01-24 9:51 am, Dan Evans via VHFcontesting wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Thanks for your feedback!
>> I've received a few others, and from what I'm seeing the 991A is
>> definitely the way to go.
>> I really just wanted to see if anyone replied with "it's deaf as a
>> post" or something, hi hi.
>> It will likely be a few more weeks before I can buy anything.  But
>> hey, Dayton is coming soon :-)
>> 73Dan
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>>    On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 9:23:12 AM EST, John Young via
>> VHFcontesting <vhfcontesting at contesting.com> wrote:
>> Dan,
>> I use an FT991A.  It's my first radio other than mobile dual bands so
>> not a lot of comparative experience.
>> The waterfall is a joy.  Whether spotting stations when doing S&P or
>> tuning around my local FM jammer clown I find it indispensable.
>> The me

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