[VHFcontesting] Digital modes in the VHF contests....

Alex alex at kr1st.com
Thu Jan 25 19:39:13 EST 2018

Perhaps some "VHF types" could behave less like "HF newbies" and learn 
to just send an RRR message when that happens. That will advance the 
other side to the 73 message. You already got their grid on the first 

--Alex KR1ST

On 2018-01-25 18:37, Marshall-K5QE wrote:

> ...and that took a long time, because we kept
> running into "HF newbies" that were not using the contest mode.
> ASIDE:  Somehow, we need to get these HF types to learn that we need
> grids not +07 for a signal report.  END ASIDE 

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