[VHFcontesting] FT8 Sequence

Dana ve3ds at acanac.net
Sun Jan 28 14:27:08 EST 2018

Since I got on M/S on 144 in 1970 its been

If you are running 15 sec sequences for example
the western station TX 1s and 3rd 15 seconds… 

The problem is 1. On 6 m, when the band opens east the Europeans
are on the opposite sequencing as the had developed the opposite 
sequence setup. 

2. Problems with close proximity stations one beaming east 
the other west…. 

So the idea is to set up frequencies for domestic EW, domestic WE
and inter Regional contacts WE , EW so we don’t all clobber eachother…and
QSO’s get missed .

Dana VE3DS

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