[VHFcontesting] Alternate FT8 frequencies on 50 MHz during contests ?

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Sat Jul 7 00:19:01 EDT 2018


I'm pondering some more back country visits in BC during contests this summer and am pondering using FT8 on 50 MHz dial frequencies other than 50.313 during contests.
  On the plus side having a quieter frequency used by motivated contesters or grid chasers would seem helpful for several reasons.  I can also see some down sides to this approach.

I'm not expecting a definitive answer to this question but would be curious to hear from others.

A specific question would also be, would it be worth your time running FT8 on a different frequency during a contest to look for an additional multiplier ?  (I did spend some time doing this during the June contest.)

At this point I'd probably just run on 50.313 and take my chances on the calling frequency.   It also occurs to me that if a few others also want to run on an alternate frequency there might be some benefit to at least choosing the same alternate frequency.

Mark S

mark at alignedsolutions.com
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