[VHFcontesting] ARRL Contest Branch makes online certificates available

James C jabeco at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 15:21:32 EDT 2018

I'll admit, I'm a fan of paper.

I like QSL cards and if I'm lucky enough to earn one, a contest award

These changes are disheartening.
I like the suggestion about adding a line in a Cabrillo submission to
indicate whether or not you'd like an award if you did indeed win something
(at least this gives you a choice).

I don't see any pluses to these changes and as others have already
mentioned, The extensive watering down of the value of an achievement award
is pretty lame.

.-James K7KQA DN06

On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Alex <alex at kr1st.com> wrote:

> On 2018-07-12 11:00, Peter Laws wrote:
>> Plus a further watering down of the "value" of
>> a certificate by awarding more of them.
> The wording on the web page does indeed indicate this:
> "Certificates are available to all contest entrants who submitted a log
> before the due date for a category other than a checklog."
> I just checked it out and put in some call signs from the 3830 list and it
> indeed generates certificates for every entrant no matter how low the score.
> Until now, it was reasonable to assume that if you saw an ARRL contest
> certificate that the person put in a reasonable effort and got a good
> result. Now you have to read the fine print as it could be a single digit
> score for placed 28th in the section.
> I tend to agree that this diminishes the value of the certificate.
> Not only that, the web page seems to print certificates for entries not
> covered by the Awards section of the rules of the contest! I guess the
> Award section of the Contest Rules can be dropped now. The phrasing
> "[category]  in each ARRL/RAC Section where significant effort or
> competition is evident." is meaningless now. For the 2017 September VHF
> contest I can print a certificate for someone with a single digit score,
> and who placed 4th in an ARRL section.
> 73,
> --Alex KR1ST (FN21fk)
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