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Tue Jul 17 13:14:54 EDT 2018


At the moment all of the CQWW.com websites are down.  


If you need the current rules you can follow this link and click on the 2018


For those who have asked, and there have been several, FT8 is allowed in
this contest.  It should be logged as RY in your cabrillo file.  If you are
using FT8 please use the NA Contest Mode. It will make the Q's a bit


Below is an excerpt from the rules concerning QSO Assistance.  


IV. QSO Alerting Assistance Definition: The use of any technology or other
source that provides callsign or multiplier identification along with
frequency information about a signal to the operator. This includes, but is
not limited to, use of DX Cluster, packet, local, or remote callsign and
frequency decoding technology (e.g., CW Skimmer or Reverse Beacon Network),
or operating arrangements involving other individuals. 

1. All stations are allowed to use QSO Alerting Assistance. No self-spotting
or asking to be spotted is allowed. 

2. Stations attempting digital EME or digital meteor-scatter QSOs are
allowed to spot the callsign, frequency, and sequence only. Caution: To
ensure strict compliance with these rules, the adjudication process will
include review of realtime and archived transcripts from websites used to
coordinate alerting data during the contest period. 

3. The use of non-amateur means to effect a QSO is not allowed. This
includes use of the telephone, and website posts providing information
beyond that of callsign, frequency, and sequence. 4. Rovers may use APRS to
announce their location.


When the contest is over, please send a log, even if it is just a couple of
QSO's.  More logs mean more accurate log checking.  


Good luck to all in the contest!



Steve, N8BJQ

CQ VHF Contest Director



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