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Mon Jul 30 18:29:59 EDT 2018

Sending this on be half of Steve's, following up on the e-mail he sent Friday - he tried to send the message immediately below earlier today but was unsuccessful. 73, John, K9JK

For anyone who has not submitted a log yet and would like to try the new Web Log upload, it is now available at https://www.cqww-vhf.com/logcheck/    Answer the questions and paste your log in block 3 and press submit for processing.  It will take you to page 2.  If there are any errors or blanks, it will point those out and give you a chance to make corrections.  Once you have that done, it will be sent directly to the robot and you will get a copy as well.

This should be an improvement over emailing logs to the robot.  If you find any glitches, please let me know.

Logs ARE still being accepted, big or small! (Despite messages from the submission process that may suggest the contrary.

Steve, N8BJQ
CQ WPX Award Manager



Thanks to the 650 or so who have already submitted their logs for the CQ VHF
contest.  Some very good scores and good DX.

There are still slightly over 700 stations (713) who made 10 or more QSO's
in the contest and have not submitted a log.  It would be greatly
appreciated if you are one of those, that you submit a log (even a checklog
if you desire).  The more logs we receive, the more accurate the
cross-checking and scoring is.  You can submit your cabrillo log  via email
to:  cqvhf at cqww-vhf.com <mailto:cqvhf at cqww-vhf.com> .

http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/cqwwvhf_cab.php  is where you can go to type in
a paper log.  You will get a copy back in Cabrillo format and your log will
be sent to the log robot.

You may also mail paper logs to:   CQ VHF Contest, P.O. Box 481, New
Carlisle, OH 45344 USA

If you need help with your log, send me an email.


Steve, N8BJQ

CQ VHF Contest Director

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