[VHFcontesting] Great chance to work a mega station on EME

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 13:51:21 EST 2018

This weekend is the last weekend of the 2018 ARRL EME contest. Bernd DL7APV worked 100 stations on 432 using both JT and CW with his 128 Yagi array last month during the second weekend of the contest.  He has worked stations running as little as a few watts and a single Yagi. If you can, please try to work him at moonrise using JT65B. Anyone with a 432 beam and any decent power will be able to decode and work him. Moonrise in Philadelphia is at 5:24 PM on Friday at 66 degrees. On Saturday eve the moon rises in Philly at 6:13 at 63 degrees. You can work the moon through about 20 degrees elevation with even a single Yagi as it has lobes up there. Best to have your computer setup and running JT56B. You should also join the HB9Q EME logger https://logger.hb9q.ch/ and that will assist you in seeing what others are doing on 432 (and other bands). You can also sked with Bernd if possible at   dl7apv at gmx.de
NC1I and HB9Q also have some of the biggest signals on 432 EME and can also be easily worked the same way. I'm trying to get more of you to make at least 1 EME QSO and this is the easiest way to do it. Please let me know your results. GL, 73, Happy Thanksgiving, Rick, K1DS
You can search for moonrise times at your QTH at this link
https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/usa/<https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/usa/philadelphia>                          INSERT NAME OF A BIG CITY NEARBY after the slant bar

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