[VHFcontesting] For Sale: TE Systems 0550G 6M amp and power supply

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Thu Oct 4 13:44:24 EDT 2018

I'm selling my TE 0550G solid state 6M amp and also have a 75A switching 
power supply to go with it (MFJ 4275MG).

This amp operates from 13.8VDC and is rated for 375W out for 5 to 10 
watts in, and has a GaAsFET preamp.  It's in mint condition with manual, 
keying cable, and power leads.  Current list price is $794.

The power supply is rated for 75A @ 13.8V and is also in mint condition. 
  It worked well driving the amplifier and exciter.  Current list price 
is $259.95.

Asking $650 for the pair, or $500 for the amplifier alone, plus shipping 
from 45409.


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