[VHFcontesting] N6ZE/7 & N6ZE/6 Fall SPRINTS Summary

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Sun Oct 7 00:38:15 EDT 2018

                                                  N6ZE/6&7 Fall2018 SPRINT Summary

6Meter Fall 2018: August2018 This SPRINT was a bit different than some otheroperating events I've participated in during the past couple of years.

1.No mountains in view again: SMOKE 

2.Used Picnic table operating position so Logbook, radio, & laptop wet by3:59 PM: RAIN 

3.DX not provided by Sporadic E but by: AURORA 

4.No FT-8 QSOs but: 20 ON SSB & 3 ON CW A nice change from my recent Roves inWWA & SB/LA Sections. As usual,I enjoyed working the PNWVHF bunch andspecial thanks to WW7D/R for 4 QSOs/Grids.

23QSO/7 grids; #4 of 20 SOLP; 161 points.


2Meter Fall 2018: Did not operate.


135cmFall 2018: Dismal participation, but great weather. 70F & calm wind; supersunset and great rise of full Harvest moon. rig: FT736/brick 75w out 9 elementM>2 yagi & TM731 + vertical at 2400 ft msl in Santa Monica Mts (DM04qb).10 QSO FM (8 QSOs with members of Ventura Co RACES/ACS/ARES) 1 QSO SSB (dm13) 1QSO CW (cm98ig)Best DX = WA6OSX (CM98ig) 328 mi/525km Nice eyeball QSO withRyan, KM6NFV, very newly licensed ham; 

12QSO/3 grid/ 900km; #16 of 26 SOLP; 36 points.


70cmFall 2018: As usual, I operated from DM04qb at 2400 ft in the Santa Monica Mts.With a population of about 20 million cellphone users in SoCal, I suspect thatmost of them were busy interpreting today's FEMA/Presidential Test TextMessage, or wondering what the strange audio tone signified, or were watchingbaseball playoff games. Please pardon my sarcasm! Poorer results than lastweek's 220 SPRINT. FT736/brick/M>2 yagi; 

7QSO/3grid/ 385 km; #18 pf 25 SOLP; 21 points.


MicrowaveFall 2018: Once again, I operated from DM04qb in the Santa Monica Mts.
 Stunning levels of activity on 23 & 33 cm!

DJ-G29/HByagi, FT736/M>2 yagi; 

2QSO/1grid/46 km total distance.

Thanks to the Fall SPRINT organizers: I got on the air for 4 out of 5 SPRINTS.

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