[VHFcontesting] September Rove VE3OIL/r

russell beech rbeech2002 at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 5 23:06:33 EDT 2018

For this weekend's VHF event I am planning to run the following route:
SaturdayFN03tw  1800  1900FN13ax  1930  2100FN14ba  2140  2330
SundayFN04xa  0020  0300FN02ax  1300  1400EN92fn  2050  2250

MondayEN82ud  0020  0300
>From 1400 to 2050 on Sunday I will be responding to local activity in EN92, EN93, FN02 and FN03.
I will have, what has been, reliable gear from 50 MHz to 10 GHz.  The bottom four seem to have an effective range of 400 km or so, the higher bands don't reach as far.
I have FM capability up to 3456 and expect to monitor 146.55 nearly continuously.  APRS may be running.
I will call CQ when I can on 144.200 or 144.237.  Skeds are accepted, please e-mail ve3oil at yahoo.ca and I will return a list of suggestions.
73 RussellVE3OIL

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