[VHFcontesting] VE3SMA/R September VHF Contest Plan

Steve Kavanagh sjkavanagh1 at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 6 06:50:52 EDT 2018

I will be attempting an Unlimited Rover operation with VE3RZ, VE3AYR and one or two others yet to be finalized, this time around.  We should have all bands 50 MHz-24 GHz in some form.

1800-1950 UTC EN94xa or va (yet to be decided)
2045-2145 UTC FN04ab
0030-0230 UTC FN03bi

1300-1400 UTC EN93xa
1400-1630 UTC mobile around EN92/93/FN02/03 grid corner (limited antennas on lower 4)
1645-1745 UTC FN02ax
2010-2210 UTC EN92mp

0000-0300 UTC EN93sg

We'll try to CQ and listen at 50.098 CW, 50.142 SSB and 144.200 or 144.232 when it isn't too busy.  We'll also be on 146.55 FM from time to time....mostly at FN03ch Saturday evening.  I will be on ON4KST chat, but a bit sporadically...I haven't mastered monitoring it on my phone in the car very well yet!

Skeds are welcome.

Steve VE3SMA/R

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