[VHFcontesting] pc mount relays for Teletec amp F.S.

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 14:09:56 EDT 2018

Hi gang, I have a pair of brand new RF relays for Teletec amps. #1, the small one is the input and output relay for 6M and the input relay for 2,222,432. #2, the big one is the output relay for 2,222,432. Don't have any Teletec amps any more soooo...

#1 Omron G6C-2117P

#2 Aromat RG1ET-12V (guess this one is pretty hard to find)

$15 gets the pair plus ship (probably $2 or so).. pics available

bill, K1DY in Maine

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