[VHFcontesting] KR1ST FN21fk 6/2/432

Alex alex at kr1st.com
Sat Sep 8 10:36:30 EDT 2018

Good morning,

I'll try to be on for most of the contest period on 6/2/432 SSB and 
digital, and may even try CW.

I'm just a little pistol with just 100W/6M3 on 6, 100W/2M9 on, 2 and 
75W/2M9 on 432 (loading 2m yagi on 432) at about 2000ft elevation, but I 
hope you'll point your antennas in my direction every once in a while 
(aim for W2EA). I promise I will do the same. :-)

--Alex KR1ST (FN21fk)

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