[VHFcontesting] FN55 result and comments

N1BUG paul at n1bug.com
Mon Sep 10 07:54:53 EDT 2018

144 MHz only: 27 QSOs, 17 grids.
1500W, 16 dBi at 110'
CW/SSB only

That's not bad considering I didn't make a full effort (taking
advantage of good weather to work on outside stuff including
antennas). A full blown effort from here will result in only about
1.5x this number.

As always, missed many stations that I could hear very well. Reason:
Only hear them when they turn antennas this way in preparation to
run bands with someone, and they don't check for other callers
before moving off. Many don't even ID before moving. Some say "I'll
be back here" but are never heard again for whatever reason. Kudos
to AF1T who worked me only because he did take time to check.

How far up/down the band (2 meters) do you tune and/or watch if
using a band scope? I never (or very, very rarely) hear anything
below 170 or above 250. Calling CQ anywhere in that range is 100%
USELESS from here. I'm off the back of everyone's antenna most of
the time but QRM may be a factor too. Would CQing higher in the band
be of any use? Perhaps an unusual run frequency with times announced
before the contest?

I wish I'd had more bands!

Keep your fingers crossed that we get that hardline transported up
here. Adding bands depends on it.

Paul N1BUG FN55mf

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