[VHFcontesting] FN55 result and comments

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I agree with you that I wish stations would wait a minute to listen to
other callers before QSYing to work someone on another band.  I heard a
couple of such QSOs going on, called them but they had already QSYed I
guess.  They missed a QSO and I might have been a new mult for them also.
Just waiting a minute or so can give you the opportunity to work some other

73 John AF5CC

On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 2:23 PM, Chet S <chetsubaccount at snet.net> wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Here in CT where there is more local activity, the band is not
> over-crowded,
> there is always lots of clear space, and it is rare to find anyone below
> 170
> or above 250 so I would not CQ there because few would find you.
> I often point in your direction because 1) that is toward the Boston area
> for me, and 2) I also want to work the grids farther up the coast that way.
> In fact, I had put your call and grid on my contest plan sheet when you had
> posted your intentions to be on, but never heard you.
> Have you considered spotting yourself on packet? ARRL now allows that. Or
> checking into the ON4KST chat page to announce when and where you are on
> the
> air? I do not find that useful and believe it dumbs down the contest a bit,
> but if I was in a rare place like you I probably would.
> GL, CU in the next one.
> Chet, N8RA
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> 144 MHz only: 27 QSOs, 17 grids.
> 1500W, 16 dBi at 110'
> CW/SSB only
> That's not bad considering I didn't make a full effort (taking advantage of
> good weather to work on outside stuff including antennas). A full blown
> effort from here will result in only about 1.5x this number.
> As always, missed many stations that I could hear very well. Reason:
> Only hear them when they turn antennas this way in preparation to run bands
> with someone, and they don't check for other callers before moving off.
> Many
> don't even ID before moving. Some say "I'll be back here" but are never
> heard again for whatever reason. Kudos to AF1T who worked me only because
> he
> did take time to check.
> How far up/down the band (2 meters) do you tune and/or watch if using a
> band
> scope? I never (or very, very rarely) hear anything below 170 or above 250.
> Calling CQ anywhere in that range is 100% USELESS from here. I'm off the
> back of everyone's antenna most of the time but QRM may be a factor too.
> Would CQing higher in the band be of any use? Perhaps an unusual run
> frequency with times announced before the contest?
> I wish I'd had more bands!
> Keep your fingers crossed that we get that hardline transported up here.
> Adding bands depends on it.
> 73,
> Paul N1BUG FN55mf
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