[VHFcontesting] K1SIG/R preliminary results

Chris Lumens chris at lumensoutdoors.org
Mon Sep 10 15:57:42 EDT 2018

I need to double check our log, but here's our preliminary results...

Call: K1SIG/R
Operator(s): KG6CIH, WH6DSN

Class: Limited Rover

Band   QSOs Mults
6:     50   10
2:     46   10
1.25:  24   6
70:    32   7
Total: 152  39 (with 6 grids activated)
Total Score: 8112

And now for some commentary...

What worked:

* Most of our stops were in good locations.  Soapstone Mountain in CT
  and Bly Hill in NH were very nice, and would have been even better
  with some enhanced propagation.  Hogback in VT was good as always,
  plus there's now a brewery just a minute away.

* Despite having a new operator, we did a great job of handing off
  contacts.  We ran the bands with six different operators on our first
  stop alone.  That's how you make points.

* My custom roof rack of 2x4 and u bolts held up fine.

* Assuming it holds up, this should be our highest stop & shoot score
  to date.  Even if it gets reduced due to logging mistakes, we should
  still be solid.

* WH6DSN really pulled in a lot of 70cm contacts which helped to boost
  our score.  1.25m was also surprisingly effective.

* Planning a route where you go home and sleep in your own bed Saturday
  night is the way to go.

* We knocked off early at Hogback in order to get some beers, but were
  able to meet up with W1RGA/R before we left.  This is the first time
  we've seen another rover.

What didn't:

* My choice of the Wal-Mart in Putnam CT for a late night grid in FN41
  was almost entirely pointless.  I need to find a better spot to
  operate after dark.

* I pulled my Alinco 220 mobile out of the car to free up some room,
  which meant I had no 220 FM available.  I missed out at least five Qs
  and two mults because of that.  220 FM seems to be getting more and
  more popular.  I'll have this corrected next time.

* I built this CW distribution box so I only need one key for all
  radios, and it was acting up in ways I could not diagnose on the top
  of a hill while trying to talk on the phone and track someone down on
  the radio.  That cost at least one Q, probably more.

* I desperately need more power on 220.

* I didn't check my SB175 extension cable in advance, so we had to drive
  to WA1TE's house on the way out to pick up a different cable, and
  couldn't get the batteries connected ahead of time.  This probably set
  us back a full hour at the start of the contest.

* 6m would get clobbered every time the 2m op transmitted.  Partially
  this was due to antenna position, as the 6m antenna is a moxon with a
  wide beam width, and the 2m antenna is a seven element yagi.
  Positioning them a certain way cleared this up, but I did not pay
  enough attention to note what positioning was best.  I have a Dunestar
  6m filter on the 6m radio, but I would love ideas on how other
  multi-op stations handle this.

  In general, I just didn't call CQ on 6m all that often to let WH6DSN
  have more fun.  It was a pretty slow band anyway.

* We still don't have much luck reaching out of New England.

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