[VHFcontesting] K5ND/R September Contest

James Wilson jbwilson at me.com
Tue Sep 11 14:40:11 EDT 2018

My rove went reasonably well despite the rain on Saturday and, of course, the poor 6 meter Es for the weekend. I set up the rover operation in seven grids: EM03, EM02, EM01 on Saturday; EM11, EM21, EM22, and EM23 on Sunday. I managed 34 Qs and 14 grids on 6 with several FT8, including K0GU as my longest QSO -- he was very patient with decoding some of the time but not always. Two meters had 54 Qs and 20 grids with 70 cm at 23 Qs and 13 grids. My fellow rovers were great, particulary KG5UCA/R who regularly texted me when he arrived in a new grid. You can find a full write up on my blog at https://www.k5nd.net/2018/09/arrl-september-vhf-2018-results/ <https://www.k5nd.net/2018/09/arrl-september-vhf-2018-results/>  

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