[VHFcontesting] available

Ken Kent ka2lim at stny.rr.com
Thu Sep 13 09:17:56 EDT 2018

I have the following for sale and will bring to the Mid-Atlantic States VHF
Conference the end of the month.


2 Meter

Lunar Link  LA-200 with power supply $2500



Lunar Link LA-70B with power supply $2500

Lunar Link LA-70B with power supply $2500   The LA-70B's have 3CPX 800A7
tubes installed

These amplifiers are the Rolls Royce of amplifiers and in good working


Also several Astron RS-70M power supplies $250 each,  will only bring if I
get a positive reply that you want one or more.

Please contact me direct concerning you interest in these items.


Many antenna systems will be available, contact me direct or talk to me at
the conference concerning the availability time frame and price.

These are all proven performers from the K2LIM Contest station that is now





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