[VHFcontesting] FN55 result and comments

Keith Morehouse w9rm at calmesapartners.com
Mon Sep 17 10:28:27 EDT 2018

>From a VHF perspective, FT8 & MSK144 aren't 'destroying amateur radio 15
seconds at a time'.  That's the job of the 'unenlightened' op's who
stubbornly refuse to move OFF those modes when the band opens for sporadic
E during the summer contests.  The September and January VHF contests are
ready-made for these modes !

Note I said contests - what you do outside a contest is you're own
business.  This is a contesting reflector and the idea of contesting is to
score as high as possible.  Being a 'one mode wonder' on FT8 when there is
sporadic E on 6M during a contest is hurting, not helping, your score.


Keith J Morehouse
Managing Partner
Calmesa Partners G.P.
Olathe, CO

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 8:09 AM John Kludt <johnnykludt at gmail.com> wrote:

> <snip snip>

> My third point at the risk of being accused of "destroying amateur radio 15
> seconds at a time" is to try the digital modes, specifically FT8 and
> MSK144.  This last contest was pretty dead for us and those 2 modes on 6m
> and 2m made the difference between total boredom and a reasonable score.
> Not a great score but a reasonable score.  We also used SSB and we tried
> CW.   The CW was done by our best 35 wpm op and netted almost nothing for
> the effort.

> John K4SQC

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