[VHFcontesting] Mid-Atl States VHF Conf Program

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 20 10:41:51 EDT 2018

2PM-5PM  N1MM for Beginners seminar   Roger Rehr W3SZ & Phil Theis K3TUF

7PM-11PM  Registration KB3MTW, Hospitality, table-top selling


7:30A  Registration

8:15  Welcome   Tom Abernathy W3TOM, George Altemus KA3WXV & Phil Theis K3TUF

8:30  Single Yagi EME  Rick Rosen K1DS

9A-4P  Tech room courtesy of Greg Bonaguide and Rohde & Schwarz

9:00  Smith Chart Basics  Alan Wolke W2AEW

9:50  Coffee break and auction

10:20  Some of My Favorite Test Gear Comes from China Michael Davis  WB1JEY

11:00  FT8 and 6m E-skip  Joe Taylor  K1JT

12:00P  Pizza lunch

1:00  Updating the Transverter Projects  Paul Wade W1GHZ

1:45  The Tiros Dish  Dan Marlow  K2QM

2:30  Simple 6-Band Transverter Paul Sokoloff WA3GFZ

3:00  Break and auction

3:30  Tower Mounted Microwave Gear  Phil Theis  K3TUF

4:15  Did You Invite Murphy to Your Contest Station?  Bob Fischer  W2SJ

4:45  Auction, wrap-up, questions

5:00  Cash Bar

6:45  Banquet Buffet Dinner

7:30  Dinner Speaker- CQ Space: Building the Interstellar Beacon Paul Shuch N6TX

8:00 Door Prize drawing


8:00A Outdoor mini-flea tailgating (weather permitting) NO EARLYBIRDS

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