[VHFcontesting] FS ACOM-1006 kW 6M Amp

Henry kt1j at madriver.com
Thu Sep 27 15:03:21 EDT 2018

For sale: ACOM 1006 50-54 MHz Linear Amplifier. 1000W output in CW, SSB 
and digi modes. Rugged 4CX800A/G74B metal/ceramic tetrode requires 60W  
of drive power for full output. Internal tuner will match VSWR up to 
3:1. Uses TRI (True Resistance indicator) as tuning aid, along with 
automatically controlled input attenuator. Will safely withstand 300W of 
reflected power, as well as drive and tail spikes up to 100 msec. 
Protection circuitry for amp, antenna and antenna selector against 
output RF arc. Full time monitoring and safeguard of plate and grid 
voltages/currents and over-temperature. Quiet cooling fan and QSK vacuum 
antenna relay. Simple ground-on-TX switching. Supply voltage (8 
settings) 100 - 240VAC. Will accept voltage drop up to 75%  of nominal 
AC supply and still maintain 50% power output. LCD status monitor. Top 
line displays peak power output, selectable parameters on second line. 
Sturdy, RF-tight cabinet. Weight 43 Lbs. Manual included. Always used in 
non-smoking environment. In very nice condition. Operated primarily for 
long-haul dx-ing. This amp was the first 1006 to be imported into the US 
in 2002 and as such it was submitted by the ACOM importer to the FCC for 
type approval. It was acquired by the original and current owner in 
2003. Price $1100 + shipping from 05491. Receptive to meeting buyer at 
reasonable distance from FN34ha.

Henry, KT1J

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