[VHFcontesting] Fw: CSVHFS Conference Update, Lincoln, NE, July 25 - 28

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Wed Mar 27 10:53:40 EDT 2019

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From: Bruce Richardson via All-members <w9fz at w9fz.com>
Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Subject: [All-members] CSVHFS Update....
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Hello CSVHFS Members and Life Members,

Your conference hosting team is hard at work finalizing details for the
conference this summer in Lincoln, NE.  In the meantime, you should keep
July 25-28, 2019 open on your schedule and plan your summer around attending
the CSVHFS conference.  The website is NOT ready for registration. Nor is
the hotel ready to accept your room reservations.  The conference website is
at http://2019.csvhfs.org .  The website is filling in with details about
the upcoming conference.

If you have a paper or presentation in you for sharing with your fellow
members, go to http://2019.csvhfs.org/index.php/guidance-documents/authors
and follow the guidance there.

Members, if you have family members who might accompany you to a conference,
can you send w9fz at w9fz.com your family member's email address?  W9FZ will
compile them and Jon W0ZQ and Barb Platt will send out occasional updates on
how the Family Program events are shaping up.  As we approach the
conference, they'll send out a "schedule of events" with emphasis on the
when and where for Family Program events.

As we get closer to the conference, if you have questions about the
conference, send them to registration at csvhfs.org .  That address relays to
at least 3 people and you should get a timely response to your question.

States Above 50 MHz Award Program:  You recently received an email from
Program Administrator Vince Pavkovich K0SIX.  Log those band-states (and
provinces)!  See the csvhfs.org website about the program and questions
about the program should go to Vince at K0SIX at arrl.net .
Membership rosters are now available. Contact Bruce Richardson w9fz at w9fz.com
to request a .pdf (or an .xlsx) document to be emailed to you.  If
information on the roster needs to be updated, contact W9FZ.  With our
online registration, we do not capture what bands you are active on--so the
information on the roster concerning bands is "old".
Welcome aboard to new CSVHFS Life Members Gary Flynn KE8FD, Derek
Oldenburger K9FQO, Michael Presnell WB0O, Dale Pruitt K1USA, James John
KA0IQT, and Michael Daly N5SJ.  Thanks so much for supporting the society in
this way.
As you look around your shack, garage, or storage locker, think of the
CSVHFS Prize Table and Auction at this summer's conference.  What things can
you share with your fellow CSVHFS members that they will appreciate?

You will receive update emails when the hotel will accept reservations AND
again when we are ready for online conference registration.

Bruce Richardson W9FZ



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