[VHFcontesting] Rover locations for Hawaii Sat QSO from NoVa

Stephan Greene ks1g04 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 13:45:07 EST 2019

I have a chance to get Hawaii for satellite WAS in late December. The path
will be near the max distance for an AO-7 Qso, from BK29gq to somewhere
within 50 miles of FM18hx. I'm looking for recommended locations with
excellent view of Western horizon likely to be accessible in late December.
I do not have off road capabilities (Audi A3 sedan).

At the moment, it looks like the 2 best shots will  be late in the day
between 12/21 and 12/28, so locations closed at dusk may be a factor.
Hogback Mountain Overlook on Skyline Drive (FM08us I think) is a few miles
to far and the road is usually closed by snow by then anyway.  Max
elevation will be 1-2 deg max at both ends with a window of a few minutes.
Doable but a challenge. My time machine went missing, so I can't go back to
AO13 or 40 when this would have be way easier!   Locations closer to
fm18hx  are easier, but may have more ridgelines to the west in the way and
slightly less time at a lower elevation angle.

Hope some of the Mid-Atlantic rovers have suggestions I can check out
before the opportunity.  In particular,  is there a place on west slope of
Mt. Weather that is quiet on 145-6 Mhz and public accessible? Or places in
MD near or on South Mountain? Or even a parking garage ( assuming they
don't close the top deck!)

Thanks in advance for ideas and suggestions!

73 Steve KS1G

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