[VHFcontesting] DEMI Announces Plans for Transverter To Cover 2m, 135cm, 70cm, 23cm, & 23 cm

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Fri Nov 15 09:59:34 EST 2019

This showed up in my in basket this morning via Mike, WA6FXT!: 


The DEM V/U XVERTER is a 5 band transverter covering all amateur radio bands from 2M through 23 cm. All frequencies convert to/from 28 MHz. The transmit output level is approximately 1 watt and will exhibit a 2 dB nose figure with greater than 15 dB gain on all bands. The Transverter will also contain an AUX RF port that will be configured as an additional 2M port for connection to a higher frequency transverter such as our future DEM MICRO-VERTER containing 4 additional higher bands of operation.<<<<

Production in early 2020?? 

Pete, N6ZE in DM04ne/CN87tw

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