[VHFcontesting] N1BUG 222 Sprint FN55mf

N1BUG paul at n1bug.com
Tue Oct 1 21:25:30 EDT 2019

Call: N1BUG
Operator(s): N1BUG
Station: N1BUG

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: FN55mf
Operating Time (hrs): 2

Total:  QSOs = 11  Mults = 7  Tot Dist(km) = 0  Total Score = 77



Sprint started off with a bang. Lots of activity, good signals.
Thanks to all who looked this way. My first CQ was answered by 3
stations! That never happened before on 222. Nice to hear N2NT
peaking over S9 on SSB, distance 450 miles. Signals are always
stronger on 222 than 144 or 432.

My pre-announced CQ frequency was busy so I moved below 222.100
after the first 10 minute run window. No takers down there. Next
time I will pick something below 100 or above 140.

Went QRT after 50 minutes without a QSO. Still pushing hard to get
things here ready for winter which is coming all too soon.


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