[VHFcontesting] K1DY 222 sprint from FN54

Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 2 10:42:34 EDT 2019

Hi gang, well it was clear I had a problem when the KO1I beacon in FN44 was S1 instead of S9. Quickly realized SWR was about 5:1 on 220! ugh anyway I decided to press on..

I made 5 QSO's in 4 grids in about a half hour of operating time. best DX was N2SLN in FN22 I think.. Did hear N2NT in FN20 about S-2 so that's pretty good with an antenna that's not working!!

anyway thanks to all who got on and all who looked this way.. SWR on 432 is 1:1 so see you all in a week!

bill, k1DY Maine FN54JQ

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