[VHFcontesting] DEMI High Power 902 and 1296 transverters for sale

Terry Price terry at directivesystems.com
Sun Aug 23 20:25:50 EDT 2020

These two factory assembled units are both 10m I.F. and take 5w maximum
drive and use a common tx/rx port at 10m, perfect for any HF rig that can
be turned down to 5w output. The 902 unit will do 60w and the 1296 unit
will run 50w (I just tested both). As stated they use a single cable for
both tx and rx I.F. and a PTT low signal to put them in transmit. They both
have PLL's for a good stable frequency when using digital modes - this
requires an external 10MHz source such as a GPS disciplined oscillator or a
rubidium standard - or just a good 10 MHz oscillator!

If you need separate I.F. ports, I can change that for you or if you need
lower drive, like 100mw. If you need a rubidium 10MHz source, I may be able
to help with that also.

These units standalone would make a very decent setup surpassing what the
average multimode rig will do as far as power output and sensitivity. Get
them now for the September VHF contest!!

Asking $550 each or $1000 for the pair. They both come with DC power cords.
Pix available on request, please respond directly.

Terry Price - W8ZN

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