[VHFcontesting] Fwd: WTB: DEMI TIB

K4IDC@comcast.net robink4idc at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 11:04:28 EST 2020

Down East Microwave used to sell an accessory called a transverter
interface box (TIB) which allowed a HF transceiver to remain connected to a
transverter and HF antennas. When the box was powered on, the relays in the
box routed RF to/from the transverter, and when it was off, the HF antennas
were connected to the HF rig. The TIB also included an attenuator and a AGC
feedback source to the HF rig to derive the correct drive level for the
DEMI no longer sells this accessory or has any PCBs for it. Might anyone on
the list have a TIB available?

Robin Midgett K4IDC

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