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Wed Feb 26 08:08:01 EST 2020

I use an FT991A and have not had the problems described. 

 I usually run the squelch at zero and put up with the noise when in the national radio quiet zone (with permission) and I run it at 2 when closer to the DC area and near cell towers at my Freezeland road site.  I do this to copy signals fluttering in and out of capture.

No noise bursts.  I will check 147.456 when I get home.  Lots of digital garbage in the DC area on all bands, really bad when I set up the beam and point to the CIA a few miles away.  LOL.

Send a copy of the video to Nosigma at aol.com
I will give it a listen/look.

I love my 991A, it's been trouble free and with 12ft  beams and brick amps I can reliably work 35W 2m/70cm stations on omnis out to 180 miles and big stations on beams out to 300 miles from either of my hilltop sites.  6m FM is the weakest band (I assume because the antenna gain is lowest of the 4 bands) with the best being 220 via a Demi xvrtr with a 10m IF.


On Wednesday, February 26, 2020 Alan Larson <wa6azp at gmail.com> wrote:
  Has anyone used the FT-991 for FM contesting, particularly on 2 meters?
I have been seeing some annoying behavior with it.

  The squelch has an initial setting of 5, which quiets the receiver on 28,
50, and 430 MHz bands.  On 144 MHz, there are bursts of noise as the
squelch opens for a fraction of a second every 10-20 seconds, the interval
varies a lot.  This is seen with a dummy load connected to the antenna
connector, so it is not signals being received.

  I sent the rig to Yaesu for repair, and they reported that no problem was
found, that I should just turn the squelch up higher.  Settings or 15 to 20
seem necessary on 144 MHz to minimize the noise bursts.  Since my goal
would be to hear the weak signals, I don't want to turn the squelch up
higher than necessary.

  Also, I have found various birdies in the receiver on VHF bands, a
particularly strong one was near 147.456, which could be received on a
second receiver near the 991.

  Do others see similar issues?  This radio is fairly early, so it would be
interesting to know if the FT-991a has similar problems.

  I have a video of some of this, if any are interested, I will look at
reducing the size and mailing a copy.


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