[VHFcontesting] DE KE1LI

PAUL ROLLINSON paulrollinson at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 10 14:28:43 EDT 2020

Hi All,
First, I hope all of you are healthy and sane during this COVID craziness (or at least as sane as you were last year).
We will be doing our multi-op again this year but with much fewer operators.
6m-1296 from FN41AU
the tel number below rings in the shack to scheduled attempts (cell is less reliable in the basement shack).
All antennas are terrestrial, no EME but MS and FT modes are available up to 432.
6M has been smokin' so will be looking for attempts on the upper bands.
73, be safe, and have fun.
Paul Rollinson, KE1LIFN41AU860-928-5147860-208-8814 Cell/textPaulrollinson at sbcglobal.net  

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