[VHFcontesting] Operating both from home and as a rover

Bob K0NR - email list list at k0nr.com
Thu Jun 11 10:32:17 EDT 2020

On 11-Jun-20 4:57 AM, Steve Kavanagh via VHFcontesting wrote:
> "When you’re operating fixed, you’d use the callsign without the /R.  when rover, you’d use the /R.  You’d submit two logs, one as a fixed station, or one as rover.  When sending your callsign, you’d have to append the /R when rover and they’d log you as such.  They will not get penalized as dupes as they worked and logged you as 2 distinct callsigns."

    You will likely encounter some confusion over the air because anyone
    that has worked you with one callsign configuration may assume the
    same callsign for subsequent radio contacts. Most logging programs
    will automatically pop up the previous callsign worked. Not a
    showstopper but something to be aware of.


Bob Witte K0NR
bob at k0nr.com

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