[VHFcontesting] W3SO June VHF Contest Participation

Kevin Lear W3XOX W3XOX at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 11 12:44:15 EDT 2020

The W3SO contest station (FN00sn) will be on the air in a very limited form this coming weekend.

As some of you know Marty Johnson W3YOZ recently became a SK. The contest date for this year is also Marty's birthday, 6-13-1938. Marty would have been 82 this Saturday. Please take a moment before or during the contest to remember Marty's dedication and contributions to contesting.

I have become trustee for the W3SO club call as of 5-27-2020. In the latter part of February, I had dinner with Marty and he presented me with a 605 form to sign as renewal of the call was due in early March. In hindsight I now wonder if Marty knew something and never let on. Marty kept many things close to the breast. Given the chance I will do whatever I can within my power to keep the W3SO station alive and functioning as it was. Other members of W3SO team have voiced the same. So, let's hope we can keep W3SO on the air.

Due to Covid 19 and the limited space at the station we will only be running 3 local operators, but only 2 at a time for the 3 bands. 6m, 2m and 432. We also will be without some of W3SO's top and longtime operators, W3IDT Bob Teitel, WR3Z Barry Shapiro and WA3TTS Mike Sapp will be sitting this one out. Hopefully Covid 19 will see itself out ASAP and we can get back to some normality before the July and September contests.

We hope to put you all in the log this weekend.
Good luck in the contest!

Kevin P. Lear    W3XOX
Blair Co. ARES EC / ACS Officer
W3XOX at Hotmail.com

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