[VHFcontesting] KG5CCI Multi-Op, with AC0RA and NJ4Y

David Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Sat Jun 13 08:57:52 EDT 2020

Good Morning Contesters,

With the Coronavirus situation the AC0RA, NJ4Y, KE4AL, KG5CCI rare grid
rove this weekend got cancelled, therefore instead Wyatt Matt and I will be
competing as a multi-op VHF station this weekend from my QTH in EM36kg.
We've got the following equipment setup our in a field up on a hill, with
very low noise and good visibility all directions:

6M: IC-7300 at 1200W into 6M7 (7 Element) Beam and/or 6m5 (5 Element Beam)
2M: IC-9700 at 1200W into 13 Element LFA Beam
222mhz: FT-991 at 500W into 7WL Beam
70cm: IC-9700 at 100W into 9WL Beam and/or 2x24 Element GTV (for EME)

We will be on the air for the duration of the contest looking for contacts.
We have full SSB, FM, CW and Digital capabilities on all bands. Listen for
us on all the standard digital and voice frequencies. We'll be monitoring
all the normal places for sked requests - but here's a list of every place
I think we should be hanging out:

Twitter: Dave @KG5CCI, Wyatt @wyattAC0RA, Matt @matt_nj4y
Slack: VHF-chat.slack.com Channel #contest
Email: dave at druidnetworks.com

Thanks, 73, and good luck in the test!

-Dave, KG5CCI

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