[VHFcontesting] K7XC Consolidation Sale Post #1

K7XC Tim Marek k7xcnv1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 15:58:09 EDT 2020

 Sadly our out of work landlord who lives in CA has decided to sell the
house out from under us.
I am at the point in my life where it's getting hard to keep up with all
the antennas if I have to take them down, store them until we might find a
new place, or just give up and build a smaller station down the road.
That's what I decided to do... SELL IT ALL... Keep very Little. Don't need
much when forced to reside in an apartment for the next year or so.

So without much ado... List #1... there will be more as I empty the storage
totes and inventory stuff to list. I so hate moving!

Ham Radio Consolidation Sale - FOB: Silver Springs, Nevada 89429 Post #1

3 element 20M Monobander, 24 ft boom, 1954 EF Johnson Array, HD elements,

4 element 15M Monobander, DJ7ZBDesign, Works Great, HD Elements. $150

4 element 10M Monobander, DJ7ZBDesign, Awesome performer. $100

30' steel pushup mast with guy rings, used but works well. $40

3 – Ham IV Rotors with standard control boxes, Great shape. $350 each

295 Feet Brand New LMR400DM with N connectors installed. New Unused $250

84 Feet Brand New LMR400DM with N connectors installed. New Unused $90

2 – 28ft tall, 4ft sections,Mil Surplus 1/8” wall HD alum Masts, With guy
rings & Guys $70 each

2 – Tilt over bases for mast above $40 each

100' of AB-336, Mil Surplus, HD Steel, 2 1/2” OD, Mast in 5ft long
sections, Like New $500

HD Tilt Over Base for AB-336 Incl One 5' Section, Well Made for falling
derrick method $75

40' AB-577 HD Mil Surplus Port Tower System, Complete! All guys, clamps,
rings, etc $1200

QRP Labs QCX-40 QRP Xcvr Kit –Unbuilt, In Original Pkg. Great Radio When
Done $50

Shure 444 Desk Microphone Wired For K3 Xcvr. Plug and go. Works Great. $70

Flex VFO Control Knob, Like New,Works Well. $110

Uniden HR-2510 10M CW/SSB/AM/FMXcvr, Estate Find, Needs Pots Cleaned $50

Ten Tec Century 21 Xcvr, Needs PTO Rebuild, Includes PTO Repair Kit, Great

Pair of Like New Radio Shack CB Handheld 2W Radios on CH 14. Work Great! $50

Ameritron AL-80B 800W 3-500Z Amp, Incl Opt Overdrive Protection, Like New
110/240V AC $1000

2 – Harris 6M 400W SS Amp Modules, 50V DC, Tuned to 50.3, Mounted in
chassis. $125 each

Mil Surplus 70cm 150W SSAmplifier Module 28V 100% Duty Cycle W/Heatsink
Enclosure $150

Mil Surplus 222/432 Amp Assy, HDHeatsink 150W Ea Bnd. W/4 SMA Relays Works
Well! $350

2000W 6M Low Pass Filter Assy For 6M Amplifier Module, New, Unused - $50

Wattmeter 500W 6M Fwd/Rev Powerby Quintel Corp, Works Well, Clean Rack
Mount $90

Drake WH7 Wattmeter 20/200/2000W Scales, Like New, Works Perfect. $125

LDG 120 Auto Tuner With Icom Control Cable, Like New, Works Great! $100

2 – Viz 120V AC Pro Power-Line Monitors P/NWV-1208, Great shape, work well
$70 ea

50V DC, 2000W, HP DPS-2500AB A -Blade Server Switching 240V ACPower Supply

50V DC, 3000W, HP 253232-001 3000POWER SUPPLY, W/Slower Fan Mod 240V AC $60

26V DC, 1000W, HD Power Supply,Robust Yet Quiet, Perfect for 28V Amplifiers
120V AC $50

12V DC, 350W, 29A, MeanwellSwitching Power Supply With Power Pole Adapter
120V AC $70

12V DC, 35A, MFJ SEC-4035MV, Adj Voltage Power Supply, Dual Meters 19lbs
120VAC $100

There is much more to List so keep an eye out for the next listing...73s
and GL!

For More Information please contact Tim – K7XC @ K7XCnv1 at gmail.com

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