[VHFcontesting] States needed on 222 for WAS....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Mon Jun 29 19:47:54 EDT 2020

Hello to all 222 ops....Wyatt-AC0RA, John-K1OR, and Paul-N2EME are 
wanting to find out which states are still needed for 222 WAS by which 
operators.  They really want to make a "Still Needed" board for those of 
us that are working to earn the 222 WAS award.  Please forward your 
information to one or all of them.

It has been a VERY long time since a 222 WAS has been awarded. There are 
several of us that are trying to get going on that award.  The above ops 
have been working on a 222 portable station, a loaner if you will, that 
can be sent around to various states to try to get those states on the 
air.  The question is, which states do we need??

I still need MT, NV, OR, WY in the west.  I need KY in the central 
US(should be easy via meteors or FT8).  I need CT, DE, ME, RI, VT, and 
MD in the east.

Dave-K1WHS reports that he is working on repairing his 222 antenna and 
trying to get everything working.  That may be our chance for ME.

A few rovers had promised to go to some of the states that I need, but 
were cut off by the stupid virus thing.  If you are a 222 op, let 
everyone know.  Get on the air.  Work somebody.  The more activity on 
222, the better.

Thanks es 73 Marshall K5QE

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