[VHFcontesting] WAS on 222....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Tue Jun 30 15:20:16 EDT 2020

Hello to all the 222 ops interested in this.  I strongly endorse Dave's 
thoughts on the shipping.  I have done several large expeditions, as 
most already know, and the costs are larger than most folks realize.  
John-K1OR has built up the loaner station, but now we need to get it 
into the hands of a few ops that will actually put the needed states on 
the air.  Gene-KB7Q is a very good choice.

Somehow, we need to keep track of all the expenses and we all need to 
chip in to cover them.  That means that you can't just send $50 once and 
call it good.  Each new activation will have expenses and we all need to 
participate so that the guys doing the activations are not stuck with a 
big bill!!

I hope that we can get several new 222 WAS awards on the 
books....similar to the new FFMA awards that are now appearing. 
Congratulations to them, by the way.

73 Marshall K5QE

On 6/30/2020 12:09 PM, David Kerl via VHF wrote:
> WA OR CA MT NV WY AZ NM NE KY WV RI ME HI and AK. Yes, there is an 
> effort right now to have a loaner station to ship around and activate 
> these states. It looks like the first user will be Gene, KB7Q. I have 
> shipped the 20 element yagi to him, and soon John K1OR will ship the 
> electronics to Gene. He has graciously volunteered to activate 4 
> western states. BUT, for all of us that will benefit from the efforts 
> of a few, the SHIPPING costs must be covered by everyone. We all know 
> how much shipping costs have gone up. But if we want to succeed at 
> this, we have to bite the bullet and support the effort. Dave N9HF 
> el99jf Florida

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