[VHFcontesting] Rules Discussion

Crownhaven crownhaven at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 17 18:57:14 EDT 2020

The most important factor in VHF contesting is location.  If you aren’t close enough to a significant amount of stations, the only thing you win is a good time.  Absent a rare band opening.  I’m in EM55, there are only so many stations I can work.  In the January test, without FT8 Qs on six and two, I wouldn’t have had a score to submit.  And yes, I prefer CW.  In any contest, if there is an opening on six, I hit it hard, phone or CW.  In the Jan test, there was an opening to the NE on six.  Qs were only possible on FT8 for most part.

I have a significant station on six - 2.3.

I’ve operated from EN82, FM18, EM98.  The last two yielded many Qs.  I’m dead in the water here using conventional modes, SSB/CW.

Location, location.

Steve, N4JQQ, EM55BD

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