[VHFcontesting] ZB0T / VP8CSA 6 meter guy Mark

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Fri Mar 27 08:33:49 EDT 2020

Does anyone know what became of Mark, ZB0T *(subsequently VP8CSA in the
early 1990's?)

I am only looking for a little info on what he used to create his unique
"dah-de-dah" (K) whistle when he let

go of his mic on SSB..I believe I am remember the right DX stn, but not 100%
sure..more like 90% sure, hi


I presume he was British?


(no, I don't want to do that "k" thing,  here)


I know his QSL manager was DL1SDN, but that fellow went sk in 2004 or


I recall working him in 1990 (or maybe it was 1991) on 6m SSB and hearing
this "dah-de-dah" whistle (if I am recalling that correctly) and was only
curious what it was.


In these trying days of self-isolation, remembering all those vy exciting 6m
Q's in days gone by helps pass the time !


Thanks all !


Mike VE9AA FN66 (FN65 back in 1990)


Mike, Keswick Ridge, NB


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