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Bill Olson callbill at hotmail.com
Wed May 20 15:41:43 EDT 2020

Hi All, The following gear belongs to PackRat, Stan, K3IPM, and I am helping him unload it. It resides right now in Ft. Washington, PA. (outside of Philly) I reached out to Pack Rat members first to avoid the need to ship "big things" with no results so I am broadening the search.. here's what we have:

The infamous "Silver Box" This is a "weatherproof" aluminum box meant to be remotely mounted with transverters and amps for 903, 1296, 2304, 3456. At K3IPM this was mounted at the base of the tower or later on top of the lift platform near the antennas. 12volt DC power supply is meant to be located at the "box". There is a remote band switch that sits in the shack this switches IF drive and PTT lines to the 4 transverters. all are complete with antenna relays etc.. this is a working setup. Drive level set at ~ 5 watts.. You could throw this in the back of a van or pickup truck for a rover setup .. here's the rigs:
903 DEMI 903-144HP 60 watt transverter
1296 DEMI 1296-144HP 50? watt transverter
2304 DEMI 2304-144 plus 1315PA amp ~ 20 watts out plus WB5LUA GaAsFET preamp
3456 DEMI 3456-144LP plus Toshiba power amp ~60 watts plus DEMI 13uLNA preamp

all the transverters are slightly older versions (like mfg 2013 or so), that is to say crystal controlled LO but they have proven to be very stable. This rig has been used in the January contest for the last 6 or 7 years and NO other time..  so "really low hours".. Inside the box is a lot of IF and DC switching stuff.. obviously the 3456 rig won't be worth anything when/if we lose that band BUT it's still good now and a killer rig!!! Many of you have worked Stan using this rig if you worked him in any of the last several January contests! I have lots of pics

Frame with Loop Yagis for 903, 1296, 2304, 3456
903 - Directive Systems 3333LY (33 elements 12 ft boom)
1296 - D.S. 2355LY (55 elements 15 ft boom)
2304 - D.S. 1376 LY (76 el 12 ft boom)
3456 - D.S. 976LY (76 el 8 ft boom)
frame to mount all 4 loop Yagis horizontally I have some pics set up for 2" mast

Finally a KILLER 5-10GHz setup with 60cm dish with dual band (WB5LUA) feed AND waterproof box with Kuhne transverters and power amps for 5760 and 10gHz. also antenna relays, cabling etc..
5760  MKU57G3 xverter 144-5760,  MKU PA602XH 15w power amp actually measured 16.5 watts
10GHz MKU10G3 xvrtr 144-10368, MKU PA102XL 10w power amp actually measured 11.3 watts
all sequencers and relays etc etc are included.. this is a working unit 144IF ~5 watts drive transverters have TCXO's that are pretty darn good as is and can be made even more stable with 10MHz reference
60cm dish with dual band feed, feed tripod, mast mount for 2" mast
I have pics of the setup but none of the inside of the transverter box BUT if anyone is interested, I will get pics of the inside of the transverter box!!

There were a number of these transverter units built by Marshall K5QE in Texas.. I don't know if Marshall ever even used them but this one went to K3TUF. Phil said maybe he used it once? Mike WB2RVX has one as well I believe. Stan got this one from Phil and we got it all set for this past January contest but then Stan hurt his back and couldn't make the trip from Florida for the contest.. The rig and dish was shipped to Ft. Washington and there they sit. I put together the dish setup.. All the interconnecting cables are there it's really ready to go!!!! I also have all the documentation for the Kuhne stuff.

Some of this gear is boxed up and unopened after being shipped from here down there last fall.. BUT all is available for inspection. The reason for selling is that Stan is "downsizing" his contest effort (BUT you'll be glad to know, still plans operation on the lower 4 bands and 1296 in the future..)  Just too much STUFF!! His loss your gain I guess..

I want to sell the silver box all together (i.e. not remove units), but the array of loopers as a separate item (those all together too I guess or at least at this point.)

The 5/10g setup goes all together. There's probably close to $4K in it just in the components, not counting shipping, assembly time, etc... The transverter box stuff is essentially BRAND NEW!!

This gear will be priced to sell.. If anyone is interested, or wants to see the pics or view in person, contact me off the reflector and we will talk.. It is all shippable or can be picked up..

Bill, k1DY

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