[VHFcontesting] 222 and up contest

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Sun Aug 8 14:07:37 EDT 2021

Made Five QSO's.  From my perspective there seemed to be less local / regional activity this year than last year.

Worked CN86, CN87, CN88 and CN89 on 222.

Worked CN88 on 432.

Heard several other stations on 222 and 432.

Used the LPDA from my balcony for the entire contest.   It worked a bit better on 222 than I expected.  I wasn't surprised about not making any Q's on 1296 with that antenna.  I did manage to detect what I believe are a few more signals from the primary users of the 23 cm band (most likely due to the larger frequency range and broader beam width of the LPDA vs the loop yagis I usually use on that band.)  

FT8 and EU contest mode enabled 6 character grid exchanges.

Tried out some new gear and became re acquainted with some other gear I haven't used in a while.  Thanks to the contest organizers and all who participated especially Chuck VA7UL.

All in all a good contest for me despite the low QSO count.

Will hopefully make a better effort next year.   (Hopefully will Rove to a decent location or will at least be able to setup multiple yagis on the balcony at home vs having to use the LPDA for multi band coverage for 222 and up.)

Mark S

mark at alignedsolutions.com
604 762 4099

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